The Peanuts Movie

Released by Blue Sky Studios / 20th Century Fox, November 6, 2015

Directed By Steve Martino
Comic Strip By Charles M. Shulz
Written By Bryan Shulz, Craig Shulz, and Cornelius Uliano
Produced By Paul Feig, Bryan Shulz, Craig Shulz, Cornelius Uliano, Michael J. Travers

Composed By Christophe Beck
Additional Music By Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson
Music Editor Fernand Bos
Recorded and Mixed By Casey Stone

The Peanuts Movie

Released on Epic Records, October 23, 2015

  1. Linus and Lucy
  2. Better When I’m Dancin’
  3. That’s What I Like
  4. Skating
  5. Christmas Time Is Here
  6. Snow Day
  7. Fifi’s Theme
  8. Charlie Brown In Love
  9. Wingwalking
  10. The Library
  11. The Assembly
  12. Curse You Red Baron
  13. Winter Becomes Spring
  14. Never Give Up
  15. Carnival Panic / Linus and Lucy
  16. Pen Pal Partners
  17. Good Ol’ Charlie Brown
  18. Skating
  19. Christmas Time Is Here / Christmas Is Coming (Medley)
  20. Linus and Lucy